Calf Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle



1️⃣ Sit on the floor with your right leg bent and your left calf resting on a foam roller. Place the Aquaflux Bottle an inch or two above the Achilles’ tendon.

2️⃣Support yourself by placing your hands slightly behind you.

3️⃣Shift some of your weight from your resting right leg so you have some pressure on your left calf and roll yourself forward one or two inches so the foam roller gets closer to your knee

4️⃣Slowly move the Aquaflux Bottle back to the starting position above the Achilles’ tendon

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until on your right calf 



Hamstring Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle


1️⃣ Sit on the ground with your foam roller under your thighs, and one leg bent to 90 degrees with that foot on the ground.  The other leg should be extended forward. 


2️⃣ Place your hands behind you, and gently push up so that your weight is supported by your hands and the stabilizing foot. 


3️⃣ Slowly roll back and forth until you’ve identified a trigger point.  Once you’ve identified a sensitive area, maintain pressure for about 30 seconds 


4️⃣ Repeat steps 1 to 3 on alternative hamstring 

Glutes Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle


Tight glutes can be the cause of a lot of pain elsewhere in the body, specifically in the knees and the lower back. Rolling the glutes using the Aquaflux Bottle can release these trigger points, allowing for pain-free movement. If you have sciatic pain, this foam rolling exercise is a must.


1️⃣ Sit with one leg crossed over other while sitting on top of the foam roller. You should almost be sitting directly on top of the foam roller with the roller at the top of your glute muscle towards your lower back. Lean slightly towards the leg you’re working.


2️⃣ Roll your way down. The entire movement is not more than a few inches, so be careful not to “fall off”.

Upper Quad Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle


The quadriceps are responsible for leg and hip extension and are an easy muscle group to keep in good shape using a foam roller.


Foam roller exercises for the quads will alleviate muscular tension, limber the muscle, and work out any knots or trigger points for improved soft-tissue quality


1️⃣ Begin by supporting your bodyweight with your elbow with the Aquaflux Bottle positioned lengthways between your quads and the floor.


2️⃣Roll the quad muscles from the hip down to the knee.


3️⃣ Pause and hold on any tight or painful areas to workout the tension and repeat for all the muscle.



Lower Back Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle


1️⃣ Place a foam roller under your lower back. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle with your feet firmly on the ground.


2️⃣ Begin to slowly roll up and down the lower portion of your spine. Complete this movement for 20-30 seconds pausing and applying pressure to tighter muscle spots

Upper Back Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle



1️⃣ Lie on the floor; place the Aquaflux Bottle under your back just below your shoulder blades, perpendicular to your spine.

2️⃣ Lightly engage your core to support your lower back.

3️⃣ Allow the upper back to extend over the roller.

4️⃣ Shift your hips down toward your feet 1 to 2 inches and repeat with a spot slightly higher.

5️⃣ Repeat several times, scooting toward your feet and allowing the Aquaflux Bottle to move up your back.



Lats Rolling Tutorial with the Aquaflux Bottle




1️⃣ Lie on your side and place the foam roller horizontally, at the point where the back meets the shoulder

2️⃣Straighten the arm and turn the thumb up (external shoulder rotation).

3️⃣Stabilize the body with the other hand and bend the front leg.

Engage the core and begin rolling slowly down the side of the back, towards the hip. As soon as you feel the roller hit the ribs, slowly roll back up.

4️⃣Repeat slowly for 30-60sec, then switch sides.

Training tip – if you find any tender points in the muscle, hang out for a few seconds, breathing slowly through the nose. To increase your flexibility, immediately follow this exercise with a 30s static lat stretch.