Football players - How does foam rolling help you and how to incorporate it into your routine!

Foam Rolling

When it comes to exercise, what you do during recovery is just as important as what you do during the workout. There is a new trend in the sport industry and people are starting to realise that a focus on preventing injuries are much better than managing. A great technique used by all footballers world wide, from pro’s to sunday league is Foam Rolling. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique that is use to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, inflammation and to help with range of motion. At the most basic level it is used as a self massage technique to left with muscle tenderness but relieving  adhesions between muscles and connective tissue.

How does it help Footballers specifically?

As a footballer you are predisposed to certain muscle injuries from tears to muscle tightness and general wear and tear. Foam rolling is a great prevention method used around the world to keep players not only flexible but to roll out any knots pre and post training/games. Leaving athletes loose and ready to preform at peak intensity but also to be able to jump, slide, shoot and change directions without fear of over stretching causing injury.


Foam rolling is perfect before training as you do not over stretch the muscles, which causes the muscles to lose elasticity and in turn explosiveness, but it also hits tight spots and trigger points to make sure players muscles aren’t too tight when going into explosive movement which can cause injury. Post training rolling helps also with delayed onset muscle soreness and release muscle tension caused from intense training or from knocks that happen during game play. By applying pressure to pinpoint spots on muscles, tendons and ligaments, foam rolling can loosen up tight soft tissue and can help improve blood flow into the muscle which in turn stimulates your muscle for optimal recovery and performance.

Our recommendations

Foam rolling is fairly straight forward for football players and here is how we suggest you foam roll-


  • spend 30-60 seconds on each muscle group working slowly through the tissue for about 2-3 sets.
  • Give any tender spots or trigger points if they are found extra attention
  • Alter your body position to be able to not only change the degree of pressure but also the angle the muscle is hit from.
  • Roll before and also as soon after exercise as possible.
  • Post work out time from 0-72 hours post work out is the best window to use foam rolling.


In turn foam rolling is a great tool affordable tool that every football can have in their war chest to help them become not only preform at their highest level but also keep them as healthy and injury free as possible.